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Intel G43/G45 video driver issues

I bought an Acer Z5600 year ago and it’s been working pretty well for playing games and browsing the web. Then in August 2010 an important Windows update for systems with the Intel G43/G45 Chipset broke my display driver. Since the update it has been impossible to scale the display resolution to anything but the native/optimal 1920×1080. All full screen games that operate at lower resolution ceased to function including Civ5. Here’s how I fixed it.

The problem: All-in-one systems like the Acer Z5600 with the updated drivers (version for the Intel G43/45 Chipset exhibit the following behavior (see video) at all resolutions except 1920×1080.

The solution:

[step 1] Create a system restore point.

[step 2] Download the Intel Chipset Driver version from the link below:

Intel G43/G45 Chipset & Display Drivers v. – Download

[step 3] Unzip the driver to your desktop and double click the setup.exe program file. You’ll be prompted with the following message indicating that you are about to downgrade the display driver. Click OK.

[step 4] Reboot when prompted.

Here is a screenshot of the driver version that works correctly for me:

That’s it. Now you’ll be able to play Civ5 again.

April 3, 2011

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Comments for: Intel G43/G45 video driver issues

  1. danny

    Wicked, cheers mate, I looked everywhere for this solution and it works a treat

    Playing Dirt 3 now

    Big thanks

  2. Whew

    Appreciate this…i have been using the default driver for win 7 because of this particular reason. I have the MSI G45M Digital MB. Unfortunately, i wanted to upgrade my audio to HDMI and the default drivers didn’t work. I tried 4 different driver packages, including the most recent june release, and nothing worked. The ones you linked, did. Thanks again!

  3. rick

    the link doesnt work. Really want to get this issue resolved as its really starting to bug me. any updates on a new link for the download?

  4. Dylan

    Ok i done that and its still not working soo how do i update my intel video driver

    1. Post author: 
      David Vielmetter

      You could try uninstalling the driver completely (remove the inf files when uninstalling the device driver in device manager). Then reboot, and when the system comes up just install the older version of the driver.


  5. Javier Pena

    Guys, the old driver is no longer available. I’ve tried downloading from several sites, including Acer and although the zip file is named, the actual contents are It’s funny that even though they’re set as individual downloads in Acer’s official page, they end up being the same. Anyone can post where the old driver can be downloaded? neither the rapidshare nor the link above gets you 8.15

      1. Javier Pena

        I appreciate the response David, however, if you take a deeper look into the zip file, you will find out these are the drivers instead (folder is named immediately after you open the zip file) and you can verify this by opening the readme.txt file within. That’s the same file I’ve been downloading from the official website. Good thing the Roll Back Driver button worked for me.

        Thanks again!

        1. Post author: 
          David Vielmetter

          Javier, I’m glad the rollback worked for you. The driver revision for the entire file is, but the individual driver for the Graphics adapter is which works for me. Here’s the contents of that readme file in the zip:

          * Microsoft Windows* 7 64
          * Driver Revision: Production Version
          * Package: 70948
          * Graphics:
          * HDMI Audio:

          Here is a screenshot of my driver (which works in Win7 X64): https://davidvielmetter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/driver.png

  6. Javier Pena


    Couldn’t find the old drivers, so what I did was clicking on Roll Back Driver button and voila! Worked like a charm. Hope this helps

  7. Travis Sample

    You Mr. David Vielmetter, are a genius sir, thank you very much for this contribution to the consumer technological community. Please know my appreciation for your work is deep rooted. Thank you again,

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