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Create a virtual router to provide Internet access to a virtual LAN

In this tutorial, I’ll be talking about connecting a virtual LAN network created using VirtualBox to a physical LAN segment with Internet access. The reason for this tutorial is to demonstrate that it is possible to create a virtual environment that closely mimics a production company LAN network in functionality. This includes being able to run services such as DHCP and DNS on your virtual LAN environment and using a router to provide access to the Internet.

My virtual LAN is setup as follows:

  • Network:
  • Router/Gateway: (this is the device we’ll be configuring in this tutorial)
  • DNS: (my active directory domain controller named dc.dyndns.local)
  • DNS suffix: dyndns.local

My physical LAN is setup as follows:

  • Network:
  • Router/Gateway: (a verizon router)
  • DNS: (same verizon router)
  • My computer (virtual machine host): (via dhcp from the verizon router)


March 7, 2014

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