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Please use information obtained from my website at your own risk. Everything presented here could be entirely false and/or may even cause damage. If something is misrepresented, it’s likely an accident or simply lack of knowledge. I am not responsible for any damage(s) caused as a result of this website. For example, if after following my advice, you sit back in your easy chair to watch TV, and you slide backwards slightly, bumping the table behind you, which knocks a radio into the pool, electrocuting the people swimming in it, causing a massive short, which blacks out the entire city, causing the power plant supplying your area with power, which just happens to be on a well known fault line, to explode, causing a massive earthquake, which sends California into the ocean. IT’S NOT MY FAULT!!! (This disclaimer was taken and modified from someone, who got it from someone else, so credits go to that unknown person)