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  • Information systems professional with more than ten years of industry experience.
  • Specializing in systems administration, storage and data management, and systems support.
  • Detail-oriented, results-driven with excellent interpersonal, time management and presentation skills.

Professional Experience

Syntiro Networks

6/2011 – Present

Network Engineer

  • Specializing in systems virtualization and Office365 migrations/implementations.
  • Implementing cloud sync and backup solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
  • Providing general IT support to a number of small to medium sized businesses.

OmniUpdate, Inc.

4/2010 – 6/2011

Customer Support Manager

  • Delivered web technologies for higher education institutions.
  • Specialized in separating web content from design using XSL and XML.
  • Managed seamless content management system (CMS) implementations for a number of high profile universities and colleges.
  • Provided CMS support to a number of high profile customers.

Technology Services, Inc.

4/2007 – 4/2010

Systems Administrator

  • Provisioned two hundred staff and public workstations, the underlying server and network infrastructure and a managed public wi-fi network for the Alhambra Civic Library.
  • Implemented a custom SharePoint web application to assist Fire, Police and City Hall employees during open enrollment.
  • Implemented, tested and maintained a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan including archival to tape and offsite rotation for Alhambra utilities department.
  • Provided IT support to staff at several water and power utilities.

Xencor, Inc.

8/2001 – 3/2007

Systems/Network Administrator

  • Setup, configured and maintained SAN compliant with CFR21 part 11 data auditing.
  • Setup, tested and maintained SOX compliant BDR plans and procedures including offsite backup media rotation.
  • Implemented and maintained Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server infrastructure to facilitate secure mobile communication using BlackBerry hand held devices.
  • Administered IBM AIX cluster for computational biology.
  • Administered Oracle 8 on Solaris 10.
  • Provided general IT support to as many as 120 employees.

Motorola, Inc.

5/2000 – 8/2001

Integration Systems Manager

  • Maintained site-to-site VPN across ATM links facilitating secure communications between Motorola sites after Clinical Micro Sensors was acquired by Motorola.
  • Migrated email and collaboration software from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Provided IT support to the staff of various Motorola acquisitions.

Clinical Micro Sensors, Inc.

7/1997 – 5/2000

Systems Analyst II

  • Implemented voice and data infrastructure that inter-connected all communications between three geographically dispersed laboratory sites.
  • Managed and administered the information services infrastructure of three 100000+ sq. ft. medical and research laboratory sites.
  • Developed chemical inventory and MSDS database management system using FileMaker Pro.
  • Implemented Active Directory domain and migrated instrument systems to Windows NT/2000.
  • Implemented Lotus Notes R3 collaboration software to meet growing email & collaboration needs.
  • Deployed multi-site digital PBX telephony system and infrastructure for unified inter-site call and extension management.
  • Provided general IT support to company employees.

Technical Skills


Operating Systems

Database Servers

Business Infrastructure & Productivity

Clinical, Research & Robotic Systems



Forums, groups, and networks

  • Supporting web technologies for more than five hundred fifty higher education websites.

Ensuring quality of service for high availability customer content management appliances.