Cleaning the MAF sensor on a Corolla

According to some Toyota forums, cleaning Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor can fix low idling. At about 85,000 miles my Corolla’s idle speed decreased from 700 to about 500rpm and felt like it was going to stall sometimes after the AC compressor kicked off. Cleaning the MAF sensor seemed to have done the trick and it was a simple procedure that took no more than five minutes.


  1. Spray can of electronic components cleaner.
  2. Philips head screw driver.

[step 1] Locate the MAF sensor on the air filter box in the engine compartment. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove two Phillips head screws holding the sensor in place. Now wiggle it out carefully.


[step 2] Liberally spray cleaner over the visible sensor (but be careful not to touch it with your hands) until any dust buildup has been removed.

Toyota Corolla MAF Sensor

If you look inside the bottom opening of the component (where the circular hole is), there is a 2nd sensor  deep inside the plastic housing. Spray cleaner into the housing to remove dust from this sensor as well, but be careful not to touch the sensor with the straw of the spray can, it can easily be broken or damaged.

[step 3] Let the MAF sensor dry for a few minutes and re-install.

That’s it. Hope it helps someone else.

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  1. jonathan says:

    bueno deseo compartir mi historia hoy 25 de octubre de 2010
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    luego kise prenderlo y no encendio y boto gran cantidad de humo blanco por el escape. me asuste mucho temiendo lo peor revise bujias estaban secas kite el filtro y estaba humedo lo seque con un blower de peinar esas que usan las mujeres……el carro prendio pero al acelerar el motor al aumentar las revoluciones intentaba apagarce asike busque por internet y mencionaron el sensor de oxigeno. asike lo kite y efectivo tenia residuos de agua asike probe y lo seque con el blower y luego lo puse y limpie la tuberia del cai ya que tenia gotas de agua dentro. ecendi el carro lo acelere y acelero los rpm normal. sin ningun fallo…..solo me toca mañana probarlo en calle aver…..

  2. Travis says:


    My engine light turned and when I connected my code reader it was a P0171. So I new my system was too lean. I found this website and figured I would try to clean the MAF sensor first since it was the least expensive option. It worked great so far. However, instead of buying electronics components cleaner, I purchased Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. It was $6.99 at the auto parts store. It may be a little more expensive then electronic components cleaner but not sure.


    • Travis,
      The problem is that your MAF sensor wasn’t completely dry when you re-installed it. It has happened to me a couple of times and all I needed to do was leave it to dry out a bit longer. Then of course I had to reset the stupid check engine light by disconnecting the battery for 10mins and then had to re-program all my radio stations. MAF sensor cleaner is essentially the same as electrical parts cleaner (I think – please don’t quote me on that). It’s a fast drying liquid cleaning compound that shouldn’t leave residue behind. Try resetting your check engine code and see if it comes back. If it does, your MAF sensor probably needs replacing…otherwise it was probably just wet when you put it back.

  3. Adrian Ahuja says:

    Thank you!!!!! Cleaning the MAF that work my car was diying if you was pressing the gas paddel for fast take off after I cleaning check engine light when off; before I cleaning I have codes for Oxygen sensor & ramdon misfire but I check sparks & was fine; like I said after I cleaning all the codes when off; do not forget to unplug the battery for few minutes to reset the engine computer.

  4. Tiffany says:

    Hi there your info regarding the MAS sensor on a 1993 corolla was helpful, however on our 93 corolla we cannot locate where it is and the picture does not give us enough info.

    Thank you Tiffany Zuck

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Unfortunately I have no idea where the MAF sensor is located on a 93 corolla. Mine is a 2004 and I know where to find it on models 2003 and up only. Perhaps take it to your mechanic and ask him.


      • selva says:

        Latest cars that controls by computer has the MAF sensor in the Air box ( I am not sure about 93 corrola But only thing I know is previously they used MAP (manifild air pressure sensor) and lately they are usinf MAF manifold aire flow, Can be found between the air filter box and manifold maninifold. In my 2000 corrola it is in the Air box. It has 4 wires connected. twowires goes to a themo couple to sense temperature and other two fine thin heating wires. those heating wires were covered with calcium like dirts. first I thought those dirts were part of the sensing system. after i cleaned I realised that sensor is just two metal heating wire and nothing else.

        I also amazed how these flow sensor works. computer sends a voltage through this elements to keep the elements at certain temperature. as the flow increases it needs more current to keep the temperature constant . computer calculate the flow by measuring the current and the air temperature.

        How you clean these wires are up to you. But keep in mind thes wires are very thin don’t damge it
        You will see a big differnce in performans after clean it
        Symptom of my trouble is
        1. PO 0171 check engine trouble code
        2. stumbles on accelaration
        3. Automatic tranmission chattering and jumping during accelaration ( this may not be a happening to every one)
        P:S- Keep a clean air filter before suspecting the MAF sensor

        • d.a. says:

          you are right. before checking your MAF sensor make sure your air filter is clean . cleaning the MAF sensor will be useless if your air filter is dirty/plugged.