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Stop LCD from making humming noise

Last month I finally made enough consulting money to afford myself a 24″ LCD monitor for my desk. Up until then I had been using my notebooks display for coding which was less than perfect. On my notebook I couldn’t see more than forty lines of code at a time and found myself scrolling incessantly. Also there just wasn’t enough desktop real estate to multitask at 1280×800, if I had a browser window open I couldn’t see anything else. So when I saw the Acer H243H on sale for $219 at Fry’s, I couldn’t resist and bought it. After setting up my new toy in all it’s HD glory, I was disappointed to find that it made a quiet yet persistent humming noise. Here’s how I fixed that.

To fix a quiet humming noise emanating from the ACER H243Hbmid 24″ LCD Monitor it was useful for me to understand how an LCD Monitor works.

The basic concept that pointed me in the right direction was that my LCD contains built-in micro fluorescent tubes (yea just like those tube like lights you sit under all day at work). I know from “experience” that those lights tend to make humming noises. Also, ever since i replaced my light bulbs with CFL’s at home (some of which are connected to dimmer switches), I know that they start to humm if you dimm them. So taking those two facts into consideration, I put together the hypothesis that adjusting the brightness of my LCD may eliminate its annoying humming sound.

I was right…so here’s howto get rid of the noise:
[step 1] Adjust the brightness to a value greater or equal to 95. Mine was set at 50 by default and the humming noise was definitely audible at a brightness setting of 50. As I adjusted it towards 95 it gradually got fainter until it faded at 95.
That’s it.

September 9, 2009