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Intel G43/G45 video driver issues

I bought an Acer Z5600 year ago and it’s been working pretty well for playing games and browsing the web. Then in August 2010 an important Windows update for systems with the Intel G43/G45 Chipset broke my display driver. Since the update it has been impossible to scale the display resolution to anything but the native/optimal 1920×1080. All full screen games that operate at lower resolution ceased to function including Civ5. Here’s how I fixed it.

The problem: All-in-one systems like the Acer Z5600 with the updated drivers (version for the Intel G43/45 Chipset exhibit the following behavior (see video) at all resolutions except 1920×1080.

The solution:

[step 1] Create a system restore point.

[step 2] Download the Intel Chipset Driver version from the link below:

Intel G43/G45 Chipset & Display Drivers v. – Download

[step 3] Unzip the driver to your desktop and double click the setup.exe program file. You’ll be prompted with the following message indicating that you are about to downgrade the display driver. Click OK.

[step 4] Reboot when prompted.

Here is a screenshot of the driver version that works correctly for me:

That’s it. Now you’ll be able to play Civ5 again.

April 3, 2011

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