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March madness basketball schedule

Thanks to the super awesome Google Calendar Events plugin for WordPress by Ross Hanney, creating a this beautiful NCAA basketball game schedule took only five minutes. Beyond displaying game info, this it also demonstrates how easy it can be to display pubic Google calendar events with your own CSS flair in WordPress:

NCAA March Madness Game Schedule (click HERE for 2013 March Madness Schedule)

[google-calendar-events id="1" type="ajax"]

If you have a Gmail, you already have a Google calendar. Just create a publicly shared calendar within Google Calendar to use the Google Calendar Events (GCE) plugin with WordPress. For the purposes of this article, I have created my own public Google calendar and imported the March Madness Basketball events into it. I also installed the GCE plugin for WordPress and configured it to use that shared Google Calendar.

Here’s how you can do it:

[step 1] Publicly share a Google Calendar and note down the URL of the XML feed.

[step 2] Install the GCE plugin for WordPress.

[step 3] Configure the GCE plugin.

  1. Click Settings -> Google Calendar Events.
  2. Click Add Feed.
  3. Paste the URL to your public Google Calendar feed into the Feed field (the video shows you how to get it), set any feed related preferences and click Save.
  4. On any page or post use the following shortcode to embed a GCE calendar.
    ([)google-calendar-events id="1" type="ajax"(])
  5. Alternatively you can create a GCE widget and display it in the widget area of your theme.

That’s it.

March 15, 2011

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