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Share Google Reader items on Google+

I’ve been using Google Reader to keep up-to-date on my favorite blogs, news stories and more. To share, I’ve always used the customizable Send To button at the bottom of each item. Sharing Google Reader items on Google+ however works differently and it took me a minute to figure out how..

[step 1] Log into Google Reader.

[step 2] Find an item you’d like to share via Google+.

[step 3] Notice gray “Share…” button on the black bar at the top of your screen. Click it to bring up a share dialog.

[step 4] Drag and drop the link of your Reader item into the share dialog, add a Circle of friends and click Share.

Note: you can still share Reader items on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and other social platforms using the customizable Send To button…it just won’t work with Google+.


As mentioned by some people, it’s true that the above described procedure does not work on all browsers…and ironically Chrome does not work…womp womp:

July 11, 2011

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