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Snap windows in OS X

I’ve been using this MacBook Pro with Snow leopard for a little over a year now and every day I’m getting more used to the nuances of OS X. There are still some things that I miss from Windows 7 though and the Aero Snap feature is one of them. Luckily Hyperdock lets me snap windows on the Mac. Here’s a quick review and video demo.

Hyperdock isn’t free, it costs $9.95 for the full featured program. You can download it, install it and use it without customizing any settings for free. I found, however, that the $9.95 is pretty good deal for this little App when compared to the alternatives like Cinch and SizeUp. It’s light weight and unobtrusive and after using it for a year I honestly say that it’s very stable too.

It runs in the background and allows you to:

  • Tile/maximize windows by dragging them to the edges on your screen.
  • Quickly snap windows to screen edges using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts for each Application to quickly open new windows/documents.
  • Preview open instances of applications by hovering over the open App in the dock.
March 2, 2011

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