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Printkey 2000 – An Oldie but a Goodie

Printkey 2000 is really just another screen printing tool. It’s a bit dated in its design and I’ve had it crash on me a couple of times over the years, but it has some great features that are hard to find in other screenshot apps. Here are some of the reasons people may┬ástill use PrintKey 2000 still:

  • Print button – yup you can print your screenshots for quick screen grabs on the go.
  • Configurable hotkeys – lets you define what keys you want to use to grab a screen print.
  • Adjust and re-size screenshots – Control brightness contrast and re-size screen grabs right in the tool.
  • Configurable grab options – Define your favorite hotkey to take an object, full screen or defined area print.

Printkey 2000 is free, but the download site is kind of shady. That’s why I’m re-posting the software here:

[download PrintKey2000 v.5.10]


November 6, 2012

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Comments for: Printkey 2000 – An Oldie but a Goodie

  1. Connie L Godak

    I just want to thank you for making this available. Some of us old-timers appreciate those who recognize the need to keep things simple!

  2. Darren

    Thanks for providing. I’ve used this since about 2000 I guess. Don’t care what people say, this program beets anything MS have come up with. Dated, but works.

  3. james pickhardt

    Great program, use it all the time to print pages from internet without the adds. Right up there with pdf995.

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