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Printkey 2000 – An Oldie but a Goodie

Printkey 2000 is really just another screen printing tool. It’s a bit dated in its design and I’ve had it crash on me a couple of times over the years, but it has some great features that are hard to find in other screenshot apps. Here are some of the reasons people may still use PrintKey 2000 still:

  • Print button – yup you can print your screenshots for quick screen grabs on the go.
  • Configurable hotkeys – lets you define what keys you want to use to grab a screen print.
  • Adjust and re-size screenshots – Control brightness contrast and re-size screen grabs right in the tool.
  • Configurable grab options – Define your favorite hotkey to take an object, full screen or defined area print.

Printkey 2000 is free, but the download site is kind of shady. That’s why I’m re-posting the software here:

[download PrintKey2000 v.5.10]


November 6, 2012

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Comments for: Printkey 2000 – An Oldie but a Goodie

  1. owen

    Thanks for sharing the download. I use PrintKey at work all the time. I love the simplicity and the rectangle draw tool

  2. Raus

    Thanks! You’re right, other websites were shady!

  3. Nan

    thank you so very much! had a hard time finding a safe place to download this software from. bless you!

  4. Peyton

    Thanks for re-posting this. For some reason, the version of PrintKey that had installed on my Windows 7 machine has stopped working. And for most screen-shootin, I find that PrintKey is superior the Snipping Tool.

    1. Jim Richards

      My printkey has stopped working on Windows 7 also. Does that mean old versions of Printkey and Printkey 2000 cannot now be used on 7?

    2. Joe S.

      Print Key is in no way better then the snipping tool your wrong

      1. David Vielmetter

        Hi Peyton,

        i’m not claiming that printkey is better. I am simply providing an alternative for those users who like to use the old screenshot program they got used to while using Windows XP. I offer no official support for PrintKey or claim ownership to this program. I do make recommendations and am simply providing a safe place for users to download an app they used to have.

        Thank you,

        1. jackster

          Thanks for offering the download… I have used Printkey_2000 for many years now (XP thru Windows 10) and it just keeps working and doing the job. I like to stick with what works, and this is it! I recently began using a new, 2nd system and simultaneously the power supply on my usual system went out so I needed to install Printkey again. Got it!

        2. Susan Schmidt

          I love Printkey Pro v. 1.05. Is it suppose to be the same thing as Printkey 2000? I have Windows 7 and have held off getting Windows 10 since I am able to use Printkey Pro on Windows 7. It beautifully captures screen prints and I use that frequently. The snipping tool in Windows 10 is unsatisfactory, for instance it prints on two pages to get the right edge. One of the comments here said it worked on 10 so we downloaded to my husbands PC from your link. It works but cuts off part of the screen no matter if set for landscape or portrait, no matter the resolution, etc. We have printed many test pages. How can we get it to print what is actually shown on the screen?

  5. Kevin

    Thanks for sharing this. I lost this program due to a refresh on my PC. I use this tool all the time. This is the only link I found where you can actually download printkey instead of some toolbar under the “perception” that you are downloading printkey…Thanks for making this available without all of the ancillary garbage that comes from other sites…

    1. Garry Grainger

      Well said, Kevin.
      I absolutely HATE those SLY, insidious, invasive, creepy sites that try to trick you into downloading something that you DEFINITELY do not want.
      Happy daze,

  6. aisya

    Thanks David. This is really helpful!

  7. John

    Thank you so much. I use this at work. I love the auto-numbering system. makes building composite aerials so much easier.

  8. Barbara

    Thank you so much.

  9. Garry Grainger

    Thanks David.
    We’ve been using Printkey since I don’t know when….years and years.
    It’s a brilliant little app, but as computers die, it has been getting harder and harder to find a download site that actually does the job.
    Thanks again.

  10. Rolf

    Thanks for re-posting. As i indeed saw there are a lot of sites who want their share when doing nothing extra…. this was a fantastic offer.

    gr. Rolf (Dutch but in Germany)

  11. Bob

    I’ve had problems with with a “No default printer” error on some Win 7 PCs even thought PrintKey still works with other Wid 7 PCs. (a default printer is present on those PCs)
    Has anyone experienced this and is there a solution?
    The copy to clipboard function still works so we can paste it in a document etc. It is frustrating that we can’t print it directly anymore.

    1. Post author: 
      David Vielmetter

      Hi Bob,

      Only thing I can suggest is having a look under the print options as shown in this screenshot. I’d try to set another printer there instead of Default.
      Hope it helps,

    2. DK

      To fix the No Default Printer. Exit Printkey (exit completely not just minimized). Change the windows default printer to another printer and then back to the original printer. Start Printkey.

      1. Matt

        I was going to say say the same thing. Exit program. Select a random default, then go back to your original default. Reload PrintKey2000. This tends to happen a lot when different users use different computers.

      2. t

        This works. Taaaight!

  12. Mark

    Thanks for keeping this “oldie” for those of us still running our old OS.

  13. Gab


    Thanks so much for posting this! I love this progam!! Use it all the time at work. Have searched around for other places, til I just came across your site. Just in time as well!

    Much appreesh !!!

    Gab 😀

  14. Bill de B

    I came back from holidays and found that I had lost ‘Print Key’ but thanks to your site I now have it downloaded and going again.


  15. .PN.

    Thanx for providing this software – very VERY helpful

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  17. Mike McCardle

    Thanks much for this tool. I lost my copy when changing jobs. Turds at cnet tried to install a copy with conduit attached. So much for a once good name. Thanks again!

  18. Santo

    Thanks, David! I’m always looking for a safe download site for Printkey every time I need to install it on a new device. I’m glad I stumbled upon your web page.

  19. Tim

    Many thanks, just as everybody has said you’re a gem.

  20. Kerm

    Thanks for the safe download. Lost Printkey 2000, now I have it back!!

  21. Mark

    This is the second time I’ve come back here to get this installer. AWESOME!

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  23. Kostas

    A great appreciation for posting this unique old but trustworthy app. As i see many many people already expressed their happiness in some way for finding what they looking for… So, many thanks from my side too. All the rest of this shady sites which try to milk out some penny’s, will remain doomed to their nonsense of existence.

  24. BrokenarrowJoe

    Nice to know that there are people out here who actually want you to get what you want or need without getting totally invaded or compromised. thanks.
    I’ve been using my first edition of PrintKey since 98 and absolutely love it.

  25. ES

    Hi, I just wanted to drop a brief Thank You for posting this. It’s one of my favourite programs, and I use it on every computer I own.

    1. Tim

      So do I thanks yet again.

      1. PcB

        Just re-introduced every one in the building to the ‘Printkey 2000’ since scanning and emailing is the norm over the old fax it has become necessary to capture an image quickly and easily. Many thanks again.

  26. smohamed

    Thanks, after reading your post i have managed to get rid of the annoying printscreen 2000 message. Re-set back to default.

  27. Marilyn Ash

    Thank you so much for posting the download. Other sites where one is supposed to be able to retrieve this app are definitely hokey! Just got a new laptop, and was lost without Printkey2000!

  28. Mikey

    I have printkey version 3.03 and it has worked well on XP, Vista, and 7. I wonder how it will work on “10”. OR will 10 not allow it???

    1. Gak

      Just tried it on two Windows 10 machines (64-bit Pro),and it works fully (at least from what we’ve tested). Which is good news for the staff.

  29. dan

    I thought Printkey allowed you to print 4 (or more?) pages on a single page (in order to save paper) – but apparently I was mistaken. Does anybody recall which utility would let you do this?

  30. Connie

    Thank you so much for providing this software download. I’ve searched all over the place and most of the sites seemed more than shady, I left immediately. You’re awesome!

  31. Gak

    Thank you so much for this. Even though the post is old, this is the only place I could find this program.

  32. Baba

    I love this utility and I have used it for years now and it works on most newer Win OSes, but it does have issues with (ultra) high resolutions. 1440×960 tops capture on a Surface 3 Pro with a native screen resolution of 2160×1440. Win 10.

    Am I missing something or anyone else experience the same?


  33. Brett

    Thanks so much for this, just downloaded and it’s still great even 15 years after 2000 😀

  34. Sheryl

    I always use this app on my work pc. But when I remote into my work pc, from my home MAC laptop, the app doesn’t work. It doesn’t launch. It doesn’t do anything. Any help you could give would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Bruno

      Hi Sheryl, I’ve had the same problem, one possible fix is that if you normally use ‘print screen’ key to bring up PrintKey it won’t be recognised by the remote session.

      If you go to the bottom right corner of your remote session*, you should see a few icons and a small arrow pointing up, click the arrow, find the PrintKey icon, right-click on it and select ‘open’. It will capture the current screen contents and you can use the features.

      If there are very few icons PrintKey may also show up directly on the right-hand side taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

      *imgur link to screenshot of what’s described:

  35. Maxie Bryant

    I’ve used this program for years and love it, but recently at work have noticed the images are slightly distorted when copied or printed. Does anyone know why this would happen? Could it have something to do with Microsoft changes?

  36. Susan Leath

    I’ve used PrintKey 2000 for years and still love it. I’ll post the following information here, since I noticed recent posts activity. I recently ran into a problem using PrintKey 2000 – getting “access violation” errors. Thank goodness I finally found the cause. Once I disabled the Windows Snipping Tool and Restart PC the program seems to be working fine. (Windows 7) Go to: Unistall or change a program > left side menu click-on Turn Windows features on or off > Uncheck Tablet PC Components > You will be prompted to Restart . Hope this helps anyone who also had this issue.

    1. Jabba

      This did not solve it for me.

  37. tangrene

    Thanks for posting this tool. I have been using this nifty program for well over 15 years and never had to update it or anything throughout my many versions of windows. I’ve keep it on a USB key as well as backup because it is so needed when I go work on family members PC’s. I always like to catch those weird errors that popup and a pic saves a 1000 words. But my Mom downloaded Win 10 on her win7 pc and then she couldn’t use it, NOR did my backups of Win7 work and the Dell Image of the backup of the OS…worked just log enough to crash. So I can’t even use the OS image…ARGH! I was 30 miles away from my PrintKey2000 and other favorite tools. Found your website, and it did not look shady 😉
    so I downloaded it. Saved me some time and money simply because I didn’t need to travel back and forth to get my tools and I could then post screen captures to PROVE Dell hosed my backup. Thanks DAVID!

  38. Con

    I’ve also been using Printkey 2000 for over 15 years, through every OS from Win3.11 to Win7. I have it installed on every machine I’m responsible for (currently 3 servers, 6 workstations & 4 laptops). Considering probably 3 – 4 generations of each machine I’ve probably installed this utility more that 50 times.
    When setting up a new computer it’s 4th on my software install list (after networking, sharing, printers setup), and I’ve usually install it on friends computers that I get asked to help with.
    This is the best tool I’ve used, full stop ! Every computer should have Printkey2000 installed on it. Thanks for the safe location to get a new version v5.10 from. I was using v5.05 which is OK up to and including Win7 32bit, but was giving me grief on the 64bit version if Win 7. All fixed now thanks to you. Cheers.

    1. Bob Harris

      Agree with every comment you have made – I too have been using it for fifteen years. It is THE best print screen tool bar none. It has helped me create countless presentations and documents over the years.

  39. Michelle Jenkins

    I had an issue with prinkey at work and a colleague went into the menu and turned on auto print by accident.Now when I press the key I get no preview of what I am going to print. How do I turn off auto print please.

  40. Regis

    Yes! Thank you! Finally found yours after trying several other downloads that wouldn’t work — yours works!

  41. El Guapo

    This side can NEVER go down. Every job I’ve been to I grab this. Thanks.

  42. Jeff Ewers

    First off…thanks for the safe download site! Printkey is the best (free at least) printing option I’ve seen.
    I used to be able to open Printkey once and then anytime I hit print screen button, Printkey dialogue box would pop up. There must have been some windows update that killed this feature. Does anyone know how to get that awesome feature back? I only use printkey to grab rectangular screenshots. I was on printkey 2.0 forever until I tried your download.


  43. LY

    Thank you so much. Love your program. Been using it for years. It’s been a great help to me.

  44. Grateful

    Thankyou so much for the fix for Printkey
    This program is the best little program ever. I have used it for years and years on every PC I have been on

  45. Nancy

    I’ve used PrintKey for years! I just bought a new HP laptop and installed PrintKey. It seems to work but when I use the rectangle option it blows up the screen so big I can’t highlight desired area. how do I keep it from changing the screen size?

    1. Doug

      I have the same problem, also on an HP. I looked at all the options in the PrinkKey menu but nothing for this. Anyone have a fix?

      1. Chris

        I am having the same problem. Please let me know if there is a solution.

  46. rick

    HI, I have used PK for 12 years will not work on my new windows 10, freezes the entire computer on screen capture? any help out there,reinstalled several times with not luck? if so please email
    [email protected] or [email protected]

    thanks, rick

    1. David Vielmetter

      Hi Rick,

      Printkey was created for Windows XP and the developer of the program has long gone out of business or has moved on. There are lots of screen print programs like printkey available for free. Check out http://www.thewindowsclub.com/free-screen-capture-software-windows to see which one suits you best.

      Thank you,

  47. Joseph

    Thank you very much for the free download of this very handy tool.

  48. jane

    Print Key 2000 stopped working correctly. After attempting to find a solution, I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now when I try to do a print screen, it keeps opening up ONE DRIVE and saving it there. Any suggestions on how to get it work correctly again.

  49. Connie

    Will this work on Windows 2016? We are trying to find something to fix or replace the Printkey2000 as it does not seem to work on the new Windows 2016.

    1. Al in SoCal

      Windows 2016????? Perhaps Office 2016 is what you are asking about …

      I can tell you it works just fine on Windows 10 (latest version).

  50. Al in SoCal

    Also – to the site owner – THANK you for the non-shady download! I just started using this a co-worker raved about it over and over again – until I relented and installed and am happily satisfied with its performance.

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