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Xerox cutting footer off printed pages

When printing scanned PDF documents to a Xerox WorkCentre 5665/5675/5687 from Windows 7 x64 the printout may appear cut off or seem as if the document margins have been changed. Said documents appear fine in print preview and even if the option Fit to Printable Area or Shrink to Printable Area is invoked, the printout does not appear as it should. Apparently this is a known issue within the Xerox community and a driver update has been pending for nearly a year but has not passed quality control. Here is how to resolve the issue until that driver update is released:

NOTE: If you are sharing this printer in a network environment, you may want to give the Print Operators group permissions to modify the printers.

[step 1] On the affected systems right click the Xerox printer and select Printer Properties.

[step 2] On the Advanced tab click the Print Processor button and in the dialog ensure that winprint->RAW is selected instead of XeroxV5Print->Raw.

[step 3] Click OK then Apply and then OK.

That’s it.

January 12, 2012

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  1. Jim Burkhart

    Thanks so much!!! This has plagued us for over a year now. Works perfect now!!!


    I use xerox 1632 and whenever i issue a command through the by-pass, it prints the first artwork correctly and the next one cuts off a portion of the design or printed area.
    This has plagued me for about a year now.
    kindly assist me to remedy this

    Thank you

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