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AppAssure 5 does not adhere to the default retention policy

I’ve had an issue recently where a new installation of Dell AppAssure 5 did not keep the correct number of snapshots based on a chosen retention policy. The issue after working with a awfully slow tech support over the course of three weeks was to update to a specific newer release of Dell AppAssure Version Here is what happened:

[the problem]

My environment was running two 2008 Server R2 Standard (one as a file server and one as a domain controller) virtual machines on VMWare ESXi 5.1 and one physical 2008 Server R2 Standard member server as the AppAssure Core. The Core’s default retention policy was set to keep 5 daily incremental Recovery Points (RP), 3 weekly RPs  and 2 monthly RPs in the default repository, but only 4 or 5 daily incremental snapshots would be retained on each protected machine no matter how the retention policy was set.

I even attempted to set each protected machine to use a custom retention policy to see if that would take place and modified it to only keep a single incremental RP. Nothing seemed to make a difference. Still the Core would always keep four or five daily RPs.


Since Dell purchased AppAssure, there have been some major issues with AppAssure 5. Technical support is one and lack of documentation is the other. Both make what could be a great product very difficult to troubleshoot and thus recommend. Here’s what I finally learned:

[step 1] Download and upgrade to AppAssure 5 Version:

[step 2] Reboot the Core.

This resolved the issues with the default retention policy not taking effect on all of my your protected machines.

That’s it.

April 11, 2013

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