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Clients get error 0x8004010F from new Exchange Server

Recently I worked on an Exchange Server 2003 deployment project. After the server was added to the existing Exchange environment, clients kept getting error (0x8004010F): ‘The operation failed. An object could not be found.’ on Outlook. This is how we resolved the issue.

Receiving an error (0x8004010F) on a new exchange server is actually not something completely unheard of. Essentially it means that the new Exchange server has not yet fully replicated with the existing other Exchange server in the environment. In this case, however the server had plenty of time for public folder replication with the other servers and I found that we were still getting the error.

I looked at the replication status monitor in the Exchange System Manager (First Admin Group->Server->First Storage Group->Public Folder Store->Replication Status) and found that the following folders had not replicated yet:

  • ExchangeV1
  • OAB Version2
  • OAB Version3a

I right-clicked each and chose properties. Under replication I added a working Exchange server in the environment and clicked OK. After waiting a few minutes replication started & completed and the error went away.

Exchange 2003 OAB Replication

July 24, 2007

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  1. markvcam

    check out this article http://www.theemailadmin.com/2009/06/troubleshooting-error-code-0x8004010f/ on our blog giving an insight on the problem and some workaround to correct the issue.

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