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Fun with CURL and DOM

When the California mega millions jackpot was more than 200 million dollars a in May, I bought a couple of tickets and crossed my fingers. I didn’t win…stupid quick picks, but I got to thinking: Maybe there could be a better way of choosing the numbers. Like choosing them based on previous winning numbers somehow. I had some free time over the memorial weekend and so I proudly present my super lucky lottery number picker…a fun learning experience made with CURL and DOM. Enjoy!

What it does:

The super lucky lottery number generator grabs the most recent 25 winning numbers form the calottery.com website using cURL and DOM and arranges them into six columns. Then using the numbers in each column it will generate a median, average and a random super lucky number that will totally be better than a quickpick (aside from the extra effort involved with filling out the bubbles on a custom picks form).

What it demonstrates:

See it in action for yourself:

Get the source:

June 8, 2010

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