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Block MP3’s from getting on your file server

IT managers know that when it comes to keeping music files off of corporate file servers & workstations that acceptable use policy the lawyers ripped off the internet is only as good the paper it’s printed on. Every environment I’ve word at has had to deal with inappropriate media files that made their way into people’s home directories. Here’s how to prevent users from storing specific file types on file servers running Windows 2003 Server R2.

Your file server must have both the File Server Management and File Server Resource Management components installed. If your server does not have these components installed simply go to add/remove programs and click add/remove windows components on the left-hand side.

  1. Under Management and Monitoring Tools select the File Server Management and File Server Resource Manager options and click OK, then Next (You may be prompted for the Windows 2003 Server R2 Disk 2).
  2. Once the components are installed, you can access them in Administrative Tools. The File Server Resource Manager will now allow you to either create your own or use one of the existing File Group, File Screen Template, and File Screen to be applied to a new or existing file share.
  3. Administrators can choose to be notified when users violate these File Screens via email or create reports on File Screen violations.
  4. Additionally the File Server Resource Manager can be used to setup custom quotas for particular file server shares that prevent users from using more disk space than they are allowed (great tool for large organizations dealing with limited disk space).
July 17, 2008

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