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Prevent EVDO from draining your phone battery

Got a Motorola RAZR that lasts 12 hours or less on a full change? The problem could be spotty EVDO service in your area. When connected to Sprint or Verizon’s equivalent of 3G (aka EVDO), the RAZR will try to establish a network connection repeatedly in areas of spotty service thereby draining its battery very rapidly. Turning EVDO off will eliminate this problem but cause your phone to operate at lower data speeds. If you’re fine with this trade off and want the increased battery life, here’s how to do it. Your phones call quality or reception will not be affected.

[step 1] You’ll need your phone’s MSL Code. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to call Sprint or Verizon customer service and fib a little. To get mine, I called 611, told the customer service agent that my nephew had changed all the settings on my phone and I just wanted to master reset it back to normal using the MSL Code. Once you have the code, keep it handy it is the key to changing locked settings on your phone.

[step 2] Enter ##DATA# using the keypad on your phone.


[step 3] Scroll down to 9. EVDO and press OK.


[step 4] Select 2. Edit and press OK.


[step 5] Enter your six digit MSL Code.

Enter MSL

[step 6] Select DDTM and turn the setting Off.


[step 7] Select Mode Pref and select CDMA.

Mode Pref CDMA

[step 8] Select Hybrid Pref and turn the setting Off.

Hybrid Pref Off

[step 9] Back out of the settings menu. Your phone will reset automatically.

That’s it. With the changes my RAZR’s standby time has increased from 12 hours to 3 days.

March 27, 2010

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