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iPhone mutes calls on headset mode but works on speakerphone

So far I have found four people with this identical problem. They all purchased an iPhone outside the USA (where in some cases laws have prevented Apple from locking the iPhone) and use it with either a pre-paid 3rd party provider or with an existing non-iphone contract AT&T sim card. The issue they have is that on normal calls the microphone doesn’t seem to work, but on speakerphone calls it works just fine. Basically on a normal call no one can hear them but if they switch to speakerphone it works fine.I even took an iPhone to the apple store with my existing AT&T sim card to demonstrate the problem and a technician there confirmed that even with the thousands of iPhone returns, he had never seen this issue before. So a week ago when the 3.0 software finally became available I updated the phone with it and voila! now the microphone works with or without speakerphone turned on.

I knew it was a software problem!

With jailbreaks available for 3.0, now even those without AT&T contracts can easily resolve this issue by simply upgrading to the latest and greatest from Apple and enjoy all their calls with semi-privacy again.

June 26, 2009

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  1. Bert

    Hi, I also believe this is a software issue. I use 3.1.3 on a 3G. Whenever I make/receive a call when I play music on the ipod, or during/soon after using a number of other apps, the mic does not work. The mic normally stops working during the call. I or the caller have to disconnect and we re-connect. Then the mic works for a while again, and stops again. And so on and so forth: the time until the mic stops working gets shorter and shorter. Resetting does not make a difference. One day later, and not using any applications, and the mic works perfectly again. I can talk for an hour!
    The dictaphone and decibel meter (gadgetfrontier) have the very same problem: they sometimes work (esp. when other apps have been used) or simply do not work ok.
    I live in Malawi and have no access to an Apple dealer…. and hope the next software update will solve the bug.

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