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Rip songs from a DVR recording

Last week Glee featured the song Dream On as a duet between Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris and my DVR recorded it in HD with 5.1 surround sound. My girlfriend liked the song, but iTunes wanted $1.29 for it. So I tried importing the MPEG 2 file my DVR generated for the show into audacity and was able to export the song to MP3 format. Here’s how:
[requirements] You’ll need to have an unencrypted recording of the television show you want to rip audio from. I record my shows using the Silicondust HDHR (HD HomeRun) digital tuner and SageTV and it outputs MPEG 2 files.

[step 1] Download and fire up Audacity. Click Preferences and ensure you have the following libraries installed.

Audacity Preferences Libraries

NOTE: if they aren’t installed, click Download for each Library to be directed to the appropriate download page. Download the library installer and install it. Then Restart Audacity and it should automatically detect the Libraries (at least it did for me).

LAME Library Install on OSX FFMPEG Library install on OSX

[step 2] Click File->Import->Audio and select your recording.

Import audio

[step 3] Select the appropriate section of the imported audio you want. You can mute or remove channels you don’t want. NOTE: You can include more than one channel in your selection by dragging up or down.

Audacity Audio Selection

[step 4] Once you have your selection right, you can either use Edit->Trim to remove everything but the selected audio, or you can simply export the selection by clicking File->Export Selection…

Save audio as MP3

[step 5] Optionally you can specify the quality you’d like your exported MP3 file to have.

mp3 options

Once you click OK you’ll be asked to specify file information of your MP3 such as Artist, Album, Genre, etc. and then you’re ready to listen to your free non-DRM MP3 (if you haven’t already gotten tired of listening to parts of it in step 3).

May 26, 2010

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  1. Joan Herzberger

    SageTV outputs mpeg2 for hd recordings with an AC3 audio track?

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