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I am a technology professional living and working in southern California and this site is where I write about my latest endeavors in technology. Most posts are technical in nature and can be found in the Tips and Tricks sections. Personal experiences with stuff I own(ed) go into Reviews and everything else ends up in Other.

Search engines are my tools for finding solutions to many of the technical issues I’ve encountered over the years. Unfortunately many of the solutions I’ve found this way tend to exist on some forum post, in a large pdf manual or on some hopelessly ad cluttered site. Since I’m no doctor or scientist, my contribution to society is this blog of detailed step-by-step solutions to problems I’ve solved. No ads, no fuss, no kidding.

If you like what you see or found a solution that worked for you, thank me with a comment or like the post. It’ll make me feel good and it’ll help others who stumble upon the same article.