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Pool vac stuck on drain

My pool came with an older Hayward Pool Vac Ultra type cleaner. It works great at keeping my pool clean as long as it doesn’t get stuck on the main pool drain. I know there are tons of ...

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Swedish Pancakes

This is a recipe that brings me back to weeks of cold gloomy winter days in Germany. My mom would make pancakes to cheer everyone up when it was cold dark and wet outside. The sweet smell would ...

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German style potato pancakes

I like me some fried greasies from time to time, and when I do potato pancakes often the bill. This is a pretty standard recipe not much different from a glut of them on the internet, but I feel ...

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Farmers Market Caprese Salad

This weekend I had time to stop by the farmers market. I picked up some gorgeous tomatoes and ultra fragrant purple basil which I threw that together with some fresh mozzarella and balsamic ...

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WW2 era fighter planes

Wings over Camarillo was a wonderful opportunity spend some up close and personal time with the kind of fighter planes that ruled the sky during world war II. The air show included aerobatic ...

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