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Category: SageTV

Final DIY DVR Tutorial

SageTV was acquired by Google and you can’t buy its products anymore. That’s bad for news for those looking to become new SageTV customers, but for those that already already own ...

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Google ac-hires SageTV

As pointed out by Rakesh Agrawal on his blog, SageTV has been acquired by Google. The announcement makes me happy because I’m sure that the folks who’ve worked hard on SageTV over the ...

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My ShowAnalyzer settings

I’ve been fine tuning my ShowAnalyzer settings for a while now and think I’ve gotten them pretty close to ideal. ShowAnalyzer is the software I use to batch analyze DVR recordings and ...

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My home theater has been built around a home-made DVR since 2003. It started off on a used Dell Optiplex GX150 and moved to a bigger case with more hard drives and a P4 in 2006. It worked great ...

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