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Category: Tips

Free 5gigs of cloud storage

Last week I managed to max out my free 2gb of cloud storage at Dropbox. That got me thinking…should I bite the bullet and sift through 2GB of accumulated crap to clear some space OR should ...

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Das DOS to the rescue

Lets say you’ve got a folder with a bunch of files and subfolders…each subfolder in turn contains a bunch more files of which you are only interested in one with a specific name. You ...

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Paste as plain text in Outlook

I use Outlook at work and a lot of the information I send out in messages is copied from various sources to the clipboard and then to the pasted into the new message dialog. One thing that has ...

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Delete files using crontab

Got some files on your *NIX system that need a good deletin on a regular basis?. Well then crontab is going to be your friend. There are tons of articles that painstakingly explain the crontab ...

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